Preparing Explosion Protection Document

Internationally certified IECEx Expert / ATEX Expert prepares Explosion Protection Documents.

Development of the Explosion Protection Document

IECEx / ATEX subject to ISO / IEC 17024 standards according to the Experts Certified Experts provide services to prepare the document.

Determining the places where an explosive atmosphere may occur on the enterprise layout plans,
Detection of gas, steam, fog and dust which may cause explosion risk
Examination of risk assessment reports within the enterprise
Existing grounding reports
Conformity analysis of earthing system
Examination of machine maintenance plans, records, operating instructions used in an explosive atmosphere
Examination of maintenance criteria of machinery and equipment used in an explosive atmosphere
Examination of existing ventilation projects used in an explosive atmosphere
Conformity analysis of ventilation projects (Industrial ventilation)
Measurement of ventilation suction rates and verification of measurement techniques according to standards
Conformity analysis of used work equipment
Analysis of audible and visual alarm systems
Analysis of emergency plans
Measurement and analysis of all ignition sources including static electricity,
Assessment of explosive atmospheric risks that may arise from working environment or operating processes
Conformity analysis of personal protective equipment
Determination of risk zones in the whole site using calculation results
Drawing of hazardous areas in accordance with national or international standards according to TS EN 60079-10-1, TS EN 60079-10-2 and related
The suitability of the plant and structures according to the ambient conditions in case of ATEX explosion
Analysis of possible effects of gas, liquid, fog explosions using PHAST program
Analysis and evaluation of domino effects of explosive atmosphere explosions


The company providing the adequacy of the Explosion Protection Document is certified with "Explosion Protection Certificate" after the audit.