Explosion Protection in Paint Booths

Internationally certified IECEx Expert / ATEX Expert prepares Explosion Protection Documents.

Safety precautions in Powder Coating / Spray Paint Booths are taken according to EN 16985 standard.

In order to assess the sources of ignition after determining areas where explosive atmospheres can be used using powder paint/spray paint, it is important to explain and understand the standards written for explosive atmospheres in general.

In terms of machine safety, a relationship was established between TS EN ISO 13849-1 and Type B TS EN 16985: 2018 standards, except for Type A standard defined in TS EN ISO 12100 Standard and evaluated under ISO / IEC Guide 51 umbrella.

Existing risk assessment regulations should be evaluated. According to these safety standards, risk assessment reports should be prepared first. In the second stage, ignition sources should be evaluated according to TS EN 15198 standard. In the same way, in areas with explosive atmospheres, functional safety plays an important role, but we provide services with our expert team, which requires a lot of detailed work.