Our Values

The Seyir Akademi is the pioneer of contemporary, quality and healthy life.

The Seyir Akademi has always been a value-driven company. Much of our values ​​are the information our founders have been building for years; many of our values ​​have changed or emerged over the years. Our values ​​reflect the way we manage our company; are our professional codes of ethics that we use to communicate with our stakeholders, employees and suppliers.

1. Our Customers and Diversity

Creating value for our customers to secure their values, responding to expectations with quality and stability is our first priority. It is our duty to take care of our services and to be with our customers after service. We know the value of your diversity and see it as the source of our success.

2. Responsibility and sustainability

We act responsibly in the direction of our company's benefits and take into account the impact of what we do on people and the environment.

3. Entrepreneur and commitment

We are moving by addressing the risks and opportunities in variable world dynamics, taking on entrepreneurial responsibilities and resolutely pursuing our goals.

4. Openness and Trust

We communicate the company's issues in a timely and clear manner in the important parts of the take-off. Thus, we form the foundation of a trust-based cooperation.

5. Fair Behavior

We work fairly with our employees and business partners, and we see this fair approach as the cornerstone of our corporate performance.

6. Confidence and Legal Compliance

We simply promise what we can do and see what we promise as our mission. We act in accordance with the law in all our business relations.

7. Future and result oriented

Our actions and services are result-focused. This ensures that we secure our future. It also provides a solid foundation for the company's goals.