Social Responsibility

As a company that is aware of its corporate responsibility, the Seyir Akademi is actively involved in the future development of our country, the development of the community, the protection and support of the environment in every activity, investing in the future.

The Seyir Akademi supports the "Conscious Society" Project, which aims to promote a more participative attitude towards social problems by promoting social responsibility among employees, service providers and suppliers, and to pass on a project to raise the standard of living by supporting local development. Until today, he has been actively involved in projects on Technical Training,  Kid Life Safety and Health and Hygiene issues.

Seyir Akademi, which also proactively studies on education, takes part in university industrial cooperation issues, especially technical trainings given in continuous training centers, panels, congresses and symposiums.

As part of its social responsibility activities, the Seyir Akademi also recognizes the task of increasing environmental awareness and fulfilling its environmental responsibilities. It constitutes systems based on the efficient use of the environment and natural resources and ensures the continuity of these systems. The Seyir Akademi, together with its employees, conducts environmental risk assessments and conducts training on detection in the areas of protection and improvement of the surrounding environment.