IECEx Consaltacy

Preparation and updating of the explosion protection document

.Obtaining business layout plans and making evaluations on them
.Marking possible explosive atmosphere points in the plan
.Determination of Gas, Vapor, Mist / Dust that may pose an explosion risk in the facility
.Making calculations in line with the relevant standards by using analysis results,
.Evaluation of explosive atmosphere risks that may arise from the work environment or from the operational processes.
.Compliance analysis of PPE and determination of necessary equipment
.Using the calculation results, determining the risk zones in the entire field and on the site plan, TS EN 60079-10-1, TS EN 60079-10-2 standards and NFPA Codes, IGEM / SR / 25, EI: 15: 4Ed. Marking these regions in line with TS EN IEC 62485-2: 2018 and TS EN 16985 standards,
.Magnetic field measurement, radio frequency measurement, workwear suitability measurement, ground suitability measurements,